Who We Are

Plaquemine Bank and Trust Company was founded as a State Chartered Bank in 1968 by Dr. James A. Durand, with funding of $500,000 in capital representing 25,000 shares at $20 each. From the very beginning, Plaquemine Bank was a bank of the people. No economic group went without representation among our stockholders: wage earners, professional people and business people. Plaquemine Bank had a wider distribution of capital stock than any bank in the history of the parish and the total number shareholders was the largest of any in the area.

Our original Board of Directors was made up of a cross-section of people of the area. This tradition has continued. Out of the eight current board members, only one represents the original ten directors. The other seven have a combined total of 125 years of banking service with Plaquemine Bank.

Our objective was to facilitate people helping people. Plaquemine Bank was organized at a time of needs dramatically felt by the members of our community, the people of the area, our friends and neighbors. The success of Plaquemine Bank has resulted in a positive uplifting influence on the quality of life in the community, including education and cultural development.

Plaquemine Bank proudly moved into its current facility in April of 1977. The building is best described as "Louisiana traditional" reflecting the classic architectural style found in this area.

Plaquemine Bank is a locally owned, independent, community bank. Our Board of Directors has made a commitment to continue as such.

The mission statement for Plaquemine Bank is:

  • Plaquemine Bank and Trust Company will provide convenient, quality financial services to satisfy the needs of credit-worthy individuals in our service area.
  • We will emphasize the needs of professional and small to medium businesses and their interests while maintaining adequate profitability.
  • In so doing, we will always recognize our quality personnel for their contribution to this purpose.

We at Plaquemine Bank will continue to offer and will always be adding new services and events for our customers. We are able to make quick decisions in providing for your needs. And we intend to stay that way. After all, our prime interest is you.