MasterCard SecureCode

Plaquemine Bank offers it's customers an additional security precation called "MasterCard SecureCode." MasterCard SecureCode is a service that provides greater peace of mind when you shop online by providing added protection against unauthorized use of your enrolled card.

Once you've registered and created a SecureCode, each time you make an online purchase, a window will pop up asking for your SecureCode, just like using a PIN at the ATM. When you correctly enter your SecureCode, your card issuer confirms that you are the authorized cardholder and your purchase is completed. No code, no confirmation, no purchase.

When you make an online purchase, a window from your card issuer will pop up and prompt you for your SecureCode. After reviewing the details of your purchase and confirming that your Personal Greeting is correct, simply enter your SecureCode to complete your purchase.

Register now by clicking on this link, click here.

Remember, if you get a new Debit Card you will need to register that new card for MasterCard SecureCode. Simply return to the registration site, and complete the registration process with your new card.

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